Scientology has changed my life

I've retired from sex sites and as many of you know, I was diagnosed with mulitple personality disorder several years ago and have been struggling since childhood with depression (big surprise right? haha). For those that stood by me, I appreciate your support and kind words. The good news is that I have found help and my life has been changed for the better, forever.

After watching me struggle with my problems, my friend Jordan who is a Scientologist, offered to help me and promised she could. Her story was amazing and it was clear that Scientology had changed her life for the better, made her a better person and got her off the medications she was taking like Valtrex and Ritalin.

Scientology is very expensive but worth it. Seriously, what rational person can deny the amazing transformation of Tom Cruise from a sad and lonely bachelor to passionate and enthusiastic father? Did you know he gives all credit for the great person he is to Scientology?

Scientology is expensive... but you know what? The endless list of unnecessary, harmful and addicting drugs the medical establishment wants you take take is also expensive. The one difference is that Scientology works. Scientology makes you better. Drugs do nothing for you... and the only side effect of Scientology is a better, happier and more fulfilling life.

Drug companies won't let you borrow money to get help for those who are financially disadvantaged. Scientology does. Scientology wants to help you. Through Scientology Loans at I was able to finance my transformation for very reasonable rates. Soon, i'll be OT3!!!!! Yay!

I am getting the help I need and I have never felt better.

Let L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology and Scientology Loans help you.

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